*FANTASTIC* New Concert Review from Target Audience Magazine!

A BIG thank you to TargetAudienceMagazine.com for writing such a flipping awesome review of my set w/ Carbon Leaf at Rams Head Live in Baltimore! A comparison to Frank Zappa??? “Armed with just a microphone and acoustic guitar, she proceeded to amaze us with her humorous attitude and stunning voice. It hasn’t been since Frank [...]

Song of the Week #5

My brand new song, based on the phrase “house of rain”. Presenting Song of the Week #5 “No Home” – featuring the fabulous Seattle based singer/songwriter Zarni!(…)



Join Jenn for her first ONLINE concert! “Singing in the Shower…with clothes on” via StageIt.com | Tickets are limited, Pay What You Can. 2 Shows – 5pm Pacific & 8pm Pacific. TICKET LINKS: 5pm TICKETS 8pm TICKETS

Song of the Week #4 Evidence

I’m in a writing group – the challenge is to write a new song EVERY WEEK based on a phrase we’re assigned at the beginning of the week. The phrase this week was “trying to say forever”. “Evidence” is what I came up with. I hear it as a duet…so if you have any ideas [...]

Song of the Week #3

I’m a little late on this one, so sue me! I took 10 days off at a lake house. And what I mean by 10 days “off” – is that I wrote, but I only wrote – no email, phone calls, texts. I did read, I did watch tv (legit vacation as I don’t own [...]

Song of the Week #2!

I did it! I wrote another song in a week. This time the phrase was: effort required. So I cheated a bit, but I’m pleased with the results, and I believe the point is to exercise those creative muscles, so no one in the group seemed to care. And without further ado, I present my [...]

Gettin’ Prolific-a-fied…

…or at least trying. I’ve probably spent more time at home this summer than all my days off in the past 5 (almost 6!) years put together. What have I been doing? As little as possible, honestly. Just trying to enjoy the Northwest summer and playing a few living rooms, and few big name shows [...]

Opening for Carbon Leaf

I’m very happy to announce that I will be opening for Carbon Leaf at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD on August 3rd! Tickets are $20 and on sale now, grab yours here: http://ticketf.ly/13y9jJT

New Management

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! I’ve signed with Jason Spiewak and the team at JLS Artist Management! Check it out: http://www.jlsmgmt.com/



It’s been 15 straight days of cowboy boots. …at least it was…I wrote this blog last month. I’m just terrible at posting them. (cont.) They’re the only shoes I brought on this tour – and I figured the most appropriate, given 9 days of the tour took me all over Texas. I was so ready [...]